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"I have taken BLS classes my entire nursing career. This was the first time I actual felt like I learned CPR. Thank you so much. My confidence has never been better!"

− Jane Kelly - Registered Nurse

"What I enjoyed most about my CPR class was the critical thinking. Now I don't have to wonder if I am doing it right or not. I understand it so much better."

− John Davis - Personal Trainer

"This was the best CPR/BLS Provider class I have ever taken. I will highly recommend this course to all of my friends in the nursing program with me."

− Kali Dale - Nursing Student

"My instructor knew the material, was organized and had passion. I can honestly say, that if I had to perform CPR tomorrow, I would be able to do it without panicking."

− Holland Jordan - LMSW

"One thing is for sure, Therapeutic Professionals is committed to teaching high quality CPR. I just had the best CPR class of my life!"

− Mark Phillips - Dental Hygienist

"Mary was inspiring and thorough. I can tell she loves what she does. The class was engaging and interactive. I will be back in 2 years for my renewal."

− Chris Tucker - Daycare Owner