About Therapeutic Professionals

Mary Turner

Angela Holman

Therapeutic Professionals was created to be a catalyst for life transformation by taking an innovative holistic approach to business management. Under the leadership and direction of Angela Holman, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Therapeutic Professionals provides keen insights on how to make healthcare organizations feel heard, involved and inspired.

Angela retired from the United States Air Force working in the following areas: Nursing, Human Resources, Healthcare Administration, Education & Training and Quality Assurance. A graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center with a baccalaureate in nursing and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration equipped Angela to assume responsibilities such as the Director of Healthcare Recruitment at Therapeutic Professionals.

Company Summary

Therapeutic Professionals is a multi-service organization targeting healthcare professionals/organizations seeking to maintain licensure competency requirements by providing continuing education courses, consulting, and education & training opportunities to healthcare professionals and/or businesses.

Therapeutic Professionals offers one-stop assistance to individuals and healthcare organizations by providing a wide variety of information and guidance. In addition, we believe that there is an ever- increasing acceptance and awareness of massage as a holistic approach to health care, health maintenance and stress management.

Lastly, our goal is to find the best possible fit for healthcare organizations by matching employees to appropriate positions facilitating long term retention

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be as a catalyst for life transformation by providing a holistic approach to business management. Through utilization of our services which address the mind, body & spirit, healthcare professionals will maximize their peak performance enabling them to better care for their patients.

Our Objectives

  • Purpose -Therapeutic Professionals exists to provide services to healthcare professionals that address the mind, body and spirit.
  • Plan – By providing inexpensive yet powerful (useful) information to our customers, healing will occur from the inside out ultimately improving the performance and ability of the healthcare professional to care for others.
  • Goal – To teach healthcare professionals an innovative approach to wellness, thereby improving business management and operations of healthcare facilities.
  • Marketing Slogan – “Revitalizing the mind, body & spirit”

Corporate Office

8544 W. Bellfort #251
Houston, TX 77071


Training Office

6363 Richmond Ave., Suite 520
Houston, TX 77057


Our Logo

The Stick figure with his hands spread out represents the freedom to express joy when we experience life in harmony and balance. Holistic healing starts from the inside out. Only to the measure that we ourselves are healed can we help others to heal. The tips of the pyramid represent the mind, body & spirit. The box containing the pyramid reflects the obstacles in life and our willingness to think outside the box while the circle represents the universal presence (God) supporting us in everything we do. Ultimately, the logo represents Therapeutic Professionals desire to help healthcare professionals in every aspect of their being by offering services that addressing issues that effect the whole person. (mind, body and spirit!)